More live tracking for less money

More live tracking for less money

More and more customers conduct sports events with our Virtual Race solution, flexibly. This increases the duration of events from few hours up to months. We adjust our pricing structure to these conditions and provide our professional Virtual Challenge solution for an even more competitive price. No risk, give it a trial!

Reduced prices

  • Devices: from 1,001+ | €0.25 per device (€0.50 previously)
  • Page Views: from 50,001+ | €10 per 1,000 page views (€25 previously)

Changes in monthly billing

  • Restrictive filters check before a device is billed.
  • Devices & add-ons become chargeable the same way as page views.
  • Devices & add-ons become chargeable for activated (paid base price) events, only.
  • No data sent from the smartphone, GPS Tracker, transponder, ...? We do not charge it. A device is chargeable if data relates to start- and finish time of the activated event. 
  • A device is active for a 10 days period. If there is more data different from this period additional devices become chargeable.

Transparent & fair pricing

  • No contracts. Only pay for what you use.
  • Generous free tier of 500 devices & 5,000 page views for all your events, every month.

Free trial for each event

Keep your event in draft mode and test all settings. Pay and publish your Live Tracking, when you like what you see.