Upload to contribute activities

Upload to contribute activities

Import your activities into a specific Tracking Map: https://racemap.com/upload. Test to upload tracks right away using the Passcode 6G615L for our test event "Easy QR Code Run" or the direct upload link https://racemap.com/upload?key=6G615L. With our activity upload feature athletes can contribute their activities using waerabless and fitness trackers.  

Racemap provides Live Tracking for many Ultra Trails and MTB races and both kinds of sports events have in common

  • Long distance => Tracking App/ battery life not capable for such a long duration.
  • Tough and remote landscape => Participant needs phone for emergency calls.
  • Many athletes use individual fitness trackers => Track upload feature for that user group.

Participants with a sports tracker such as Garmin, Polar, Suunto or others can contribute activities into a specific Tracking Map uploading their individually recorded geo-location data. Supported formats are GPX, KML and TCX. Afterward, the activity is visible in the replay of the event and in the leaderboard (for applicable maps).

Just get in touch with any questions. All information about track import