Seamless virtual race solution

Seamless virtual race solution

What if you could process virtual timestamps from any geolocations? Our new leaderboard calculates timestamps from geolocation data based on virtual splits / geofences.  More about leaderboard 

Due to the demand for virtual races, we enhanced our leaderboard with exciting features.

This solution

  • compares & analyzes solo activities, objectively,
  • effortless - no need for additional timekeeping hardware and
  • works automatically 24/7 for a long duration (months possible).


Do you want a full solution to run virtual races?

Racemap is a super tool for building, hosting, and providing virtual challenges. Best part: Racemap tracking platform processes REAL LOCATION DATA of each participant LIVE.

Cool virtual races

  • presentation engages participants: example Leaderboard & Activity Map,
  • interactive race data such as split times, map replay and much more,
  • features like live status, speed, current distance & location through real-time processing of geolocations and
  • effortless evidence of activity with any device, participant submit data with Tracking App, GPS Tracker, or wearables.


Professional solution

Integrate virtual race solution into your selling processes.

Integrate virtual race solution into your selling processes.


effortless timestamps, completely decentralized solution

  • 1sec precise timestamps and
  • remote creation virtual splits, no need for timing hardware. 


reliable proof of activity prevents from cheating

  • real geolocations of each athlete,
  • checks such as speed corresponding to kind of sport and
  • manual control - each movement recorded as GPX file & replay in interactive Map.


highly flexible

  • long duration up to months,
  • participants don't need a Racemap account,
  • embed your virtual race on your pages, directly and
  • events with given racecourse or without - independent from location of participants.