Pin activities to track

Pin activities to track

Activities from everywhere (left) displayed on one specific track (right)

We pushed our new Show progress on track-feature, which pins the activities of all participants of one event to a certain track. With this feature you can visualize activities from everywhere as a comparable and exciting map progress regardless of real locations. This feature works with recorded activities same as with real-time geolocations from GPS tracker and Racemap App.

Just watch the replay visualizing recorded geolocations. Uninteresting recap!

Show progress on track pins all participants on one track. The visualization looks exciting & comparable:

You can flexibly use our Net replay-feature together with Show progress on track and visualize great recaps of any activities. This way you show all athletes together as starting at the same time and moving e.g. along the track of the New York Marathon or on the Chinese Wall. The interactive map provides a different way comparing activities from multiple athletes than leaderboard and results. Great for virtual races, regular races and every thing in between such as permanent races.