Virtual race to chart individual activities

Virtual race to chart individual activities

Due to current COVID pandemic more and more race directors, event managers and timekeepers ask for a GPS solution to easily compare athletes' sports exercises and training in respect of health regulations (social distancing). Racemap's virtual race offers effortless activity evidence with real geo-locations, which is a stronger proof in comparison to solutions considering the two values for the distance and the duration of the activity only.

Overall activity map with a leaderboard for solo workouts to compete in a virtual challenge

A Virtual Race connects athletes from where they are and scores their sports activities in a real-time leaderboard. Participants can contribute their exercises and training regardless of location, time and segments. 

Each Virtual Race provides a leaderboard to compare individual workouts of every participant and a Tracking Map showing the current location and the replay to verify specific activities.

 Virtual Races work very easy and flexible for Participants

Participants join the Virtual Race remotely with Racemap Tracking App or with GPS Trackers or upload recorded activities afterwards. The activities are processed for each participant and the leaderboard compares their workouts in real-time. Virtual Races work regardless of location, time and segments. 

  • From everywhere e.g. a participant in Norway and another athlete in Germany feed their single activities into the same virtual race.
  • Athletes can provide their activities at any time within the start- and end time of the virtual race.
  • Participants can accumulate activities, e.g. 5k on Monday and another 8k on Wednesday.
  • For various kinds of sports like running, cycling, rowing and hiking.

You can create and manage your own virtual races in Racemap Tracking Platform. All about Virtual Race

anytime & anywhere, flexible Virtual Race solution