Live tracking service for sports events

Live tracking service for sports events

You are connected in the sports scene? You like to work with mobile Apps? You want to grow your own sports tracking business, with own GPS Trackers? With Racemap tracking portal you offer your own GPS tracking service for sports events with an additional value for the event organizers.

  • Your Live Tracking service increases the safety for the athletes and the organizing team, especially on long distances and in difficult terrain. 
  • You provide useful information for event logistics and the speaker in the finish area. "Where are leading group, broom waggon, support vehicles, ambulances?"
  • You broadcast the event live on the Internet and spectators keep track of the race from anywhere. 
  • You increase the popularity of events and thus the events become more attractive for sponsors.
  • In team events such as triathlon relay teams can better coordinate. 
  • Athletes and fans analyze the recap after the race. 

Become a Racemap Reseller

For all types of sports events such as mountain biking, skiing, paddle, horse endurance, stand up paddling, rally car racing, duathlon, triathlon etc. Live Tracking is an interesting feature. Your services:

  • Coordinate the ideas of the organizer and setup Racemap fitting to the specific needs of the event.
  • Inform athletes how to use the Tracking App. 
  • Supply and rent GPS Trackers to participants. 
  • Big screen in the finish area.

Do you want to work as a reseller and use our tracking solution with an attractive discount? Just contact us.