Quick start quide

1. Package inspection 

Upon delivery of the trackers, inspect the contents of the package(s) according to the parts list (number of trackers, waterproof zip-lock bags, charging cables, etc.).

Note: ● We ship our trackers fully charged.● The trackers are configured according to the requirements of your event.● We provide our trackers with m2m SIM cards. Our cards offer optimal coverage.


2. Test trackers and verify functionality beforehand

The tracker has three LED indicators one each for power, GPS, and network. Turn on each tracker one or two days before the event:● Press the power key until the "PWR" LED lights up. ● The three LEDs then light up, and the tracker vibrates. ● Place trackers outside to get a quick GPS fix. ● Look out for the dots on your tracking map. The dots should show the present location of the tracker.

● No LED: Network searching● Green LED every 2 sec: Network reception (OK)● Blue LED off: GPS fix (OK)● Blue LED continuously: GPS searching● Red LED every 1 sec: Charging● Red LED continuously: Fully charged

Use the tracker management https://racemap.com/admin/trackers to check the tracker status:● Connection to Racemap server ("CON") ● GPS and last location ("LOCATION") ● Battery

More about Racemap tracker management system can be found in our documentation: https://docs.racemap.com/tracker-management 

Note: You can only access the tracker management through your own Racemap account.


Turn off the trackers: ● Option A: Remotely apply the "Shut down" command through tracker management. ● Option B: Press the power key for 3 sec, tracker vibrates, LEDs stop flashing after 10 sec.


3. Event day

● Turn on the trackers 30 min before the start of your event.● Put trackers in the waterproof zip-lock bags that it comes with.● For optimal performance the tracker should not be covered.● Deploy each tracker to the correct participant. ● Participants can check the status of their tracker online using the QR code on the tracker.● If a tracker is not working as desired: Send “Reboot” command through the tracker management or manually turn off and -on the tracker.

Limitations of GPS tracking service

● Due to the technical nature of the GPS tracking service, there is no guarantee of fail-safe live tracking operation.● Data is collected, saved, processed, and published by Racemap exclusively for athlete tracking, visualization, and presentation on the web platform and in the Racemap App.● Racemap assumes no liability for accidental, specific, indirect, or consequential damages, including but not limited to, fines or summonses caused by improper use, non-usability, or defects of the product.

No violation of GPS trackers

It is strictly prohibited to: ● Open the device shell. ● Pierce or burn the tracker or the battery.

Avoid exposing the tracker to high temperatures and direct solar radiation. Temperature Guidelines: ● During storage: 0 to 25°C (32 to 77°F) ● During use: -30 to 50°C (-22 to 122°F)