Apply real-time location data from sports events

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Feed your applications with real-time geodata. 

TV graphics & -overlays, web streams, live ranks, notifications & newsletters, speed & distance monitoring, etc. Our data interfaces provide real-time information from coordinates such as gaps, distance to go, speed, estimated time of arrival, passings from geofences, and much more. 

Precisely target your customers' needs. Build your own solutions easily and pull live geodata on demand. 

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Live data from a race of going 100km around Dresden, open full API

Read all about our data APIs. Find samples with live data to develop and test your applications. All in our documentation:

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Technical overview:● Classification of Racemap data APIs● Samples to test & adapt your applications● Grabber: visualization of values, overtake and draft zone monitor 
Use cases of applications with live location data:● Mickaël Blanchard | ChronoConsult | Geofences at nautical-, trails-, rally events● Alessio Basso | Piper Vision | Live values for TV production

Date & time: Thursday the 8th of December, 11 a.m. CET (Berlin), approx. 45 min.Audience is limited to 20 viewers.English language.