Test above live demo: Monitor dashboard for participants' safety & coordination of staff, volunteers, ambulances, etc.

Interactive dashboard to keep the overview of long-distance sports events. Support for your race office evaluating the situation on the course. The monitor enables race directors to decide quickly & precisely.Read all about the monitor in our documentation:

    Progress overview
    Device status: battery & network reception 
    Live analyzes geodata: not moving, lost track & last location
    Automated alerts: SOS, low battery, away from track, non-movement
    Charts: speed, distance from track, each coordinate in an interactive map

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● Best practice working with the dashboard
● How to meet your specific use cases
● Missing features in the monitor
● Roadmap & prioritization

Date & time: Monday the 7th of March, 3 p.m. CET (Berlin).Audience is limited to 20 viewers.English language.